Jesus Laminates

Its a well known fact of the Bible that Jesus was a carpenter. Although there’s more words devoted in the good book to his more fantastical miracles, such as the feeding of the five thousand and walking on water, we often overlook his more common place miracles that go unmentioned. Talk to any modern day carpenter and they will tell you why the act of carving wood is an almost miraculous process. Taking a God-given material such as wood and transforming it using such simple tools as a chisel and hammer, transfers the power of creation to the humble man. With just his hands and his own mind, the carpenter can create items such as beds and chairs that can provide the most simple yet precious comfort to those who need it.

Parquet or Laminate?

Take more trees from the forests of God’s Earth, strip them down and set a team of designers to work on the base materials. Now, with the power of cooperation and the miraculous leaps of technology (that have granted man more control over the planet’s resources) these teams of men can take the bare earth and clad it in beautifully polished laminate flooring. Suddenly, what was once a raw and powerful creation of God is now a refined, smooth surface with real purpose. On these floors a house can be built and, within that house, a family raised. This family, raised with the God-given and man-made comforts of the carpenter can go forth with the resilience and energy necessary to master more of God’s resources.

If Jesus was born and grew up as a millennial, do you think his day job would still consist of working with wood?”

For what is a carpenter, but a miracle maker? Taking an organic material and transforming it into something of use for the rest of the world. If Jesus was born and grew up as a millennial, do you think his day job would still consist of working with wood? There are many natural resources that we transform for our own devices, he could be a metalworker attending to the smooth body of a high powered-sports car or even a humble plastic surgeon taking a chain of silicon-oxygen molecules and reshaping a person’s image, both physical and mental. In a very real way, we can all attempt to reach out to Jesus’ vocation as miracle worker. Transforming our ideas, turning them into actions, and releasing the results to the world to germinate more ideas in the minds of others.